March 3, 2010

If It Makes You Happy

I had a good day today. Why?


—I was presented with a series of small challenges all day long that required concentration but were still quickly surmounted.

—I did something that made me uncomfortable, but was thanked for it.

—I gave someone the answer she wanted.

—I completed a task with the confidence that I did it well.

—I erred on the side of hope rather than caution.

—Something I’ve been patient about, did pay off.

—One of my bigger problems remains unresolved but I know that I’ve done everything within my power to bring about its resolution.

—I wasn’t able to finish everything I had to do today, so I know I will have something for tomorrow.

—I reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

—I organized my to-do list on color-coded sticky notes.

It really doesn’t take that much to sway a day into either the good or bad category. I’m glad that, today at least, I seem to be steadily moving toward good.